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S.S. Jain Subodh Girls P.G. College Sanganer is a part of the network of Educational Institutions operated by Subodh Shiksha Samiti, Jaipur. Since the last 101 years of success and 19 institutions, it is soaring high. The foundation was laid in 2004 with a motto “If you can dream it, You can do it. “

The college started its journey with 126 students which have now expanded to approximately 3000 girls. The college is recognized for providing excellent graduate and post-graduate education in the field of Science, Commerce, and Arts and professional courses for Computer Applications and Business Administration.

It provides Postgraduate courses in Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics, Political Science, History, Geography, and EAFM. Our students have also grabbed the position in the University merit list and won gold medals for many consecutive years. We also have the Science Club, Eco Club, Commerce Club, and Arts Club for providing better quality and planning of the respective subjects.

The main objective of the college is to empower and enrich women with knowledge by providing an apt environment for a strong academic and ethical base. It also enriches the students with ethical and moral values.
Special emphasis is laid on student-centered, creative, analytical, and participatory learning. Regular interactions are held with academicians and alumni who are placed in various government as well as private organizations. Apart from this, the college also organizes curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities Cells like Internal Quality Assurance Cell, career guidance, and placement cell, student counseling cell, anti-ragging cell, grievance redressal cell, anti-sexual harassment cell, community welfare cell, which along with timely counseling help students solve their problems. A team of expert cherished faculties with full devotion and dedication, work for the betterment of the students.

Over the years it has set the benchmarks for global education with a system that matches the best practices, theories, resources, and standards all over the world by providing quality higher education and by thus contributing to the development of the nation. 

words of wisdom

N. R. Kothari

S. S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti

“When we tackle obstacles, we find hidden reserves of courage and resilience we did not know we had. And it is only when we are faced with failure do we realise that these resources were always there within us. We only need to find them and move on with our lives.” 
- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


Today, education means acquisition of knowledge, skills and values which will together improve the employability of our young minds. Our earnest effort is to provide students with an education that allows them to recognize and realize their dreams and skills and to be able to ignite the passion to excel. While serving the community for a century, Subodh has achieved many pioneering milestones, laying benchmark for others to emulate. Our institution is continuously supporting women in mobilizing their potential that will lead to positive impact on society and will create multiplier effect on the generations to come. As we have seen a significant transformation of the educational landscape, we aim to provide conducive and enriching environment and resources fully dedicated to provide ample opportunities to cultivate wide exposure for practical learning and sustainability of our bright minds. 

I extend a warm welcome to all young aspirants at the institution with a commitment to ensure competitive strength among students to meet the challenges of future. 

Sumer Singh Bothra

Honorary Secretary
S. S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti

“It's not just about infrastructure and knowledge, it's also about changing attitudes about women”-

Michelle Obama


It gives me immense pride and pleasure to welcome you to yet another vibrant year, filled with fun and frolic, combined with skillful education and information. We at Subodh are privileged to have the opportunity to shape, mould and empower the present and future of our students and we take it very seriously. At Subodh we ensure an environment, where every child is empowered with the sense of accomplishment combined with acute and precise wisdom. At every step, we design a process that creates power in women to live a happy and respectable life in a society and access opportunities in a variety of fields such as in education, profession, lifestyle, etc., without any limitations and restrictions. It includes raising their status through education, awareness, literacy and training. It also includes the authority to take decisions. We all acknowledge the fact that when a woman makes a crucial decision, she feels empowered.

With these virtues and warm wishes, we welcome you to the versatile campus of Subodh Sanganer, where we ensure that the full potential of every student is realised generation after generation. With your efforts and our resources we shall bring about a brighter tomorrow.

Vinod Lodha

Joint Secretary
S .S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti

“The end-product of education should be a free creative man, who can battle against historical circumstances and adversities of nature” -

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan  


With recognizing one's own perception and poise, one can shape a better world. To accomplish this and our entrant's ambitions, the Subodh family practices core values of Excellence, Creativity, Magnetism and Zeal. Our institution welcomes all fresher's with enormous warmth to lead them towards progressive independence of thoughts, an intense intellect with creativity and a pursuit for knowledge. We expect that while leaving this institution our students excel not only in academics but also get nurtured as confident, responsible, ethical, and empathetic human beings. We are committed to create an enthusiastic atmosphere for students, learning to thrive and help them achieve to be upcoming women of principles, leadership and standards who will further build a developed nation. 

 I wish you all to go forth and conquer in another successful academic session 2023-24.

Smt. Veena Jamad

S.S. Jain Subodh Girls P.G College

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”-

Albert Einstein

S.S. Jain Subodh Girls P.G. College, Sanganer is an institution that strives to build an all-round personality of its students with academic proficiency as well as co-curricular skills. We aim to produce intellectuals who are fit to face the personal and worldly challenges in life and contribute in making a healthy and peaceful society.

Our efforts are channelized towards providing quality education to our students who continuously outshine in the diverse fields of academics, sports and other extension activities.

We hope that you will have fulfilling and enriching years of life ahead in this campus that will pave your path towards successful and satisfactory future with warmth in personality and sagacity in behavior.

All the Best!

Dr. Rita Jain


“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations”.
Bob Beauprez


The pursuit of better education opens up doors to a myriad of new opportunities. With this in mind, it gives me immense delight to have students hailing from various walks of life enroll with us. We would want to extend a warm welcome to everyone as they set out on this historic voyage. As an institution, we believe in inculcating strong values with a lasting impact, thus our dedicated teaching staff continuously strives to maintain synergy with incoming students. Our students proceed to conquer global opportunities at renowned organizations and attain prestigious roles. A systematically designed curriculum aims to train and equip the students with skills that would pave a way towards a better career. 

As a consequence, we offer our future leaders numerous opportunities to develop the relevant skills. We promote students' active participation in not only academics but also athletics, and extracurricular activities, as well as in upholding of high standards of morals and ethics.

By sharing their knowledge and experience, acting as facilitators, and in other ways, our teachers are devoted in helping the institution grow. Representing a firm belief in constructing creativity and polishing wit, over the years our endeavour has consistently been to create well-rounded professionals. Teaching the importance of building excellent communication skills and fostering relations amongst peers, we aspire and excel in curating great alumni networks. Having shaped a plethora of young minds, we are certain that our institution would continue to produce students that relentlessly prosper and leave their mark around the world.

  • From Principal's Desk
Dr. Rita Jain

With appreciation and applause, I welcome the young aspirants to one of the most prestigious institutions of Higher Education for Girls. 


With a proud legacy of more than 16 years, the college has excelled in every field, be it the flourishing streams of Arts, Commerce and Science or any other Professional courses. Sincere attempts are made constantly towards empowering young women through short-term workshops and training.


I feel privileged to lead such a vibrant college that offers enormous opportunities in higher education, skill development and personality grooming to approximately 3000 girls .


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णमोकार महामंत्र

णमो अरिहंताणं
मैं अरिहंतों को नमन करता हूँ ।

णमो सिद्धाणं
मैं सिद्धों को नमन करता हूँ ।

णमो आयरियाणं
मैं आचार्यो को नमन करता हूँ ।

णमो उवज्झायाणं
मैं उपाध्याओ को नमन करता हूँ ।

णमो लोए सव्व साहूणं
मैं लोक (जगत्) के सर्व साधुओ को नमन करता हूँ ।

एसो पंच णमोक्कारो, सव्वपावप्पणासणो ।
ये पाँच नमन के उच्चार, सभी पापो का पूरा नाश करते हैं ।

मंगलाणं च सव्वेसिं, पढ़मं हवई मंगलं ।।
यह (मंत्र) संसार के सभी मंगलों में, यह प्रथम मंगल हैं ।

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