Economics governs the life of the individual, Society and the modern States. Economists study theories and techniques useful for developing policies in government as they have a deep understanding of how to create efficiency in today’s world. Studying economics provides one with not just an understanding of human behaviour, but also cultivates in students the problem-solving, analytical, communication and persuasion skills that are critical for success in today's job market. Economics have exciting career options : Economist, Business Economist, International economist, Labour Economist, Financial risk analyst, Political economist, Behavioural economist, Geo-economist, Health economist, Environmental economist, Data analyst, Financial planner, Economic researcher, Financial consultant, Investment analyst, Market Research Analyst, Economic Consultant, Credit Analyst, Financial Analyst, Equity Research Analyst, Statistical Officer, Civil Services, Jobsin HRD, Banks and teaching job.

Sr. No. Photo Name of Employee Education Qualification
1 Dr. Kavita Tak M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., NET

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