Vision and Mission



To provide an all pervasive academic and an unimpeachable moral base.

To be a premier source of multifarious wisdom to cater to the global needs.

To promote and sustain academic excellence.

To transform the aspiration and dreams of our students into reality in order to make them world ready women.

To provide high quality, innovative and responsive education and training programme which will facilitate individual growth within the global economy.

To promote a proactive approach to professional development along with extra co-curricular activities to hone their talents and foster in them the spirit of leadership and high moral values.

o engender in each student, qualities of personal dignity, graciousness and social maturity.





To empower and educate our youth by providing a conducive environment for a strong academic and ethical base.

To groom, nurture and prepare the students for employability on the world stage.

To nourish and harness latent talents and inculcate the spirit of self-reliance and confidence.

To provide opportunities, to help students, identify educational and career goals, set realistic career path for intellectual and personal growth.

To provide a holistic approach to promote and encompass both modern outlook and scientific temper.

To have an unflinching faith in the potential of the youth and develop it by various community and in-house programmes.

To contribute to the society and nation as a whole with dynamic and charismatic youth that can bring a monumental change.





To provide an integrated educational experience for students which develops problem solving, decision making, creative and critical thinking skills in order that they may participate as confident and contributing members of contemporary society, capable of meeting the demands of a rapidly changing world.

To foster genuine human relationships of equality among students, staff, parents and others associated with the college, irrespective of ethnic and racial origin, religious practice, socioeconomic background or intellectual and/or physical capabilities.

To engender in each student qualities of personal dignity, graciousness and social maturity.

To acknowledge and accept the responsibility of preparing students for the 2lst century "the age of information and Communication".

To develop an understanding that our students have a responsibility not only to Sanganer, but also to the entire community, city, state & the nation to which they belong by generating an awareness of women's issues, human rights and environmental issues.

To foster an environment where disadvantaged students may maximize their educational outcomes by providing equal opportunity for all students to reach their goals, whether they are gifted or with physical or learning disabilities. Skilled care and attention will allow them to achieve their full potential.

To cultivate the intellectual values, promote the students' integrity, respect for truth, openness to reality and other scholarly values and aiming to provide each student with a mastering of the basic subjects and skills while guiding towards their own level of achievements.

Upliftment of women through an education that is holistic inits approach.