(Sumer Singh Bothra)Hony. SecretaryS.S.Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti
I heartily welcome all the new entrants at S.S. Jain Subodh Girls College, where we build and nurture the future of students. The founders of this college are from diverse backgrounds and are an amazing group of people. The college was built to educate the aspiring youth of this town and give them the chance to live great lives. The college stands for academic excellence, maximizing the potential of each student while contributing to the community. These grounding principles have remained and they guide the vibrant way we run the college. Within these codes we easily accommodate the vibrant new teaching methods in our pursuit of excellence. Dear students, the future is an amazing place. Your success is not guaranteed by being a graduate, indeed far from it. The future holds many challenges and success for all of you. Each of you will have your own unique and unparalleled opportunities to grow and also to encounter challenges. You can learn anything, you are keen on. You should believe in yourself. I am confident you will rise to every occasion. Let me wish you, all the best for the future.