Welcome at S.S. Jain Subodh Girls College, Sanganer

Behind the successful commencement of S.S.Jain Subodh Girls P.G. College, Sanganer lies the dynamism of SubodhShikshaSamiti- a not for profit society which was established in the year 1918 by some of the eminent, energy driven leaders to pass on the glorious wealth of knowledge to the coming generation. S.S. Jain Subodh Girls P.G. College, Sanganer, a pioneer institution for women education laid its foundation in the year 2004 as an affiliated college to the University of Rajasthan, with just 126 students and today the college stands tall with approximately 3000 registered students. The college has come into existence for providing excellent   graduate and post graduate education in the field of science, commerce and arts and for this we have Science club, Commerce club and Arts club for the sessional planning of the respective subjects. The main objective of the college is to provide academic and intellectual excellence to the students to become mature citizens of the society. While studying here students growth and development will occur in many areas including decision making, analytical awareness, reasoning, creative expression, verbal expression and many more. The college has been established with a mission to nurture students through humanistic, scientific and innovative education. Special emphasis is laid on student centred creative, analytical and participatory learning. Regular interactions with academicians from different fields are carried out in the college for the all-rounddevelopment of the students. Along with these facilities we also take the help of different cells formed like career counselling cell, student counselling cell, anti-ragging cell, grievance redress cell, student safety and insurance cell, sexual harassment cell which along with timely counselling also guides our students for future perspectives for which a team of dedicated and expert faculties are rendering their services.  Anorganisation under the banner of Subodh Girls College naming ‘SANKALP’ has also been introduced aiming at providing monetary and non-monetary help to the needy students. Subodh sets the benchmarks for the global education with a system that matches the best of practices, theories, resources and standards all over the world. Our endeavour is to provide an education that excels, that exalts and that exhilarates.

हमारी शिक्षण संस्थान

         ‘एस. एस. जैन सुबोध गर्ल्स पी जी कॉलेज, सांगानेर‘ के शुभारंभ की पृष्ठभूमि में ‘एस.एस.जैन सुबोध षिक्षा समिति‘ जैसी ऊर्जापूर्ण एवं समर्थ समिति है जो समाज के शैक्षणिक उन्नयन हेतु कटिबद्ध है। इसकी स्थापना 1918 ई. में कुछ कृतसंकल्प एवं सक्रिय समाजसेवीयों द्वारा भावी पीढ़ी को ज्ञान की गौरवमयी सम्पदा पहंुचाने के लिए की गयी थी। सन् 2004 में प्रारम्भ हुयी सुबोध गर्ल्स कॉलेज,सांगानेर राजस्थान विष्वविद्यालय से सम्बद्ध एक ऐसी अग्रगामी संस्था है, जो महिला षिक्षा के लिये समर्पित है। मात्र 126 छात्राओं से प्रारम्भ की गयी यह संस्था उत्तरोत्तर वृद्वि करते हुये आज लगभग 3000 छात्राओं के साथ पल्लवित हो रही है। महाविद्यालय में कला, वाणिज्य एवं विज्ञान संकाय में स्नातक व स्नातकोत्तर की कक्षाऐं संचालित है। वार्षिक योजना की क्रियात्मक गतिविधियों को सम्पन्न कराने के लिये आर्टस् क्लब, कामर्स क्लब एवं साइन्स क्लब का गठन किया गया है।

         इस संस्था का मुख्य लक्ष्य छात्राओं का शैक्षणिक व बौद्विक विकास करना है ताकि वे समाज की अनुषासित तथा परिपक्व नागरिक बन सकें। हमारा उद्धेष्य मानविय, वैज्ञानिक एवं नवीनतम विधियों द्वारा छात्राओं को पोषित करना है। छात्राओं पर नियामक दृष्टि बनाये रखने के लिये महाविद्यालय में मेंटर व्यवस्था है। यहां षिक्षा अध्ययन के साथ-साथ विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में भी छात्राओं का सर्वांगीण विकास होता है जैसे- निर्णय क्षमता, विष्लेषणात्मक जागरूकता, तार्किक योग्यता, सृजनषीलता, मौखिक अभिव्यक्ति इत्यादि।

        महाविद्यालय में विभिन्न क्षेत्रों के निष्णात् षिक्षाविदों के साथ परस्पर अन्तः क्रिया द्वारा छात्राओं का समुचित विकास होता है। उपरोक्त सुविधाओ के अतिरिक्त छात्राओं के सहायता हेतु कुछ इकाईयों का गठन किया गया है यथा - आर्थिक स्वावलम्बन हेतु व्यवसाय परक षिक्षा इकाई, विद्यार्थी परामर्ष केन्द्र, ऐन्टी रेगिंग इकाई, विद्यार्थी सुरक्षा एवं बीमा इकाई, छात्र उत्पीडन इकाई के साथ समय- समय पर छात्राओं को परामर्ष दिया जाता है ताकि वे उज्जवल भविष्य की ओर अग्रसर हो सकें। महाविद्यालय का उद्धेष्य छात्राओं को ऐसी षिक्षा प्रदान करना है जो उन्हें श्रेष्ठ, प्रवीण, गर्वित और जीवंत नागरिक बना सके। 


  •   Sprawling green campus spread over 50,832 sq. meters of land.
  •   Best academic environment.
  •   Experienced, talented and qualified faculties in all subjects.
  •   Regularly updated library along with book bank facility with adequate collection of books.
  •   Modern and well equipped laboratories.
  •   Well ventilated and spacious classrooms.
  •   Commerce club, Science club and Arts club for the sessional planning of the concerned departments which includes conducting seminars, workshops, exhibitions, presentations, guest lectures etc.
  •   Placement and career counselling cell and student counselling cell to take our students to new heights in their career.
  •   N.S.S. department is working to motivate students for social services.
  •   The students can avail all the government scholarships.
  •   Extracurricular activities conducted throughout the year.
  •   Lush green lawns, auditorium and play grounds for various events and sports.
  •   Indoor and outdoor games facilities for the students.
  •   Educational tours and picnics are conducted for better informative development and to break the monotony.
  •   A biannual publication of college magazine ‘PRATIBIMB’.
  •   Canteen facilities with delicious and hygienic snacks at subsidized rate.
  •   Hostel facility with full security, nutritious and hygienic food, prompt medical aid and xerox facilities.
  •   ‘SANKALP’ an organization working under the banner of Subodh College to help the needy students.